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Maternity Coaching

1-1 Coaching for Managers and Senior Executives to enable them in bringing about a change in their practice or helping them to resolve conflict / manage interpersonal issues. Our approach utilises the GROW model to work through the particular areas of focus and desired outcomes. Coaching can be delivered either face to face, via telephone or webex.

The number and duration of coaching sessions are agreed up front. Ethics and confidentially are at the forefront of our approach.


Our maternity coaching offers independent and confidential support to help individuals to consider all the key aspects of a successful transition back into the workplace.

We help you to plan and effectively manage the lead up to maternity leave and consider matters such as communication whilst on leave and ideal working patterns on your return, as well as facilitating and supporting you through your return to work.


Outplacement - Interview and Career Coaching

There are a varied number of reasons why an organisation and its employees need to manage their own performance and career. Whether this is due to redundancy or as a result of significant planned restructuring or change programmes, we can provide the support necessary. We focus on supporting the employee in order to help them consider their options and manage the future of their career in a positive way.

We provide support either to groups or individuals on a 1-1 basis.