Designing People Systems

Making sure you have well constructed people systems and processes that drive a culture of continuous improvement is vital to business success. We have vast experience of delivery solutions across the following areas:


Designing Competency / Leadership Frameworks

As the saying goes.. “It’s not want you do, it is the way that you do it”.

Often employee issues emanate from behavioural issues regarding ‘how’ people do things and not necessarily ‘what ‘they do.

We are experts in developing bespoke frameworks to set out the expectations and required ways of working for success within your business.


Organisational Design / Restructuring / Redundancies

Organisational structure dictates how functions are allocated, the spans and levels of control and how information flows across the organisation. Critically, an organisational structure can support the desired culture or impede it.

We have successfully helped organisations to define or restructure their business to ensure the best internal alignment of functions.

We have also completed redundancy exercises (including short term working arrangements) for clients across sectors within unionised and non-unionised environments in response to changing business needs. We can help you develop and implement a process that is compliant to legislation and which helps to manage the dignity of all those involved.


Performance Management Systems

Performance Management Reviews are important to ensure the focus of everyone is aligned to the future direction and goals of the organisation on an individual, team and organisational level.

The process involves agreeing on clear expectations both in line with the 'what' (objectives in line with the strategic needs of the organisation) and the 'how' (the behaviours aligned to the values). Performance is then regularly monitored and measured so that positive and constructive feedback can be consistently given to drive a high performance culture.

We have extensive experience in reviewing, designing and implementing performance management systems to help drive a high performing culture.


Reward and Recognition

More than ever, good Talent Management is essential to ensure your employees are performing efficiently and effectively to the best of their ability so as to maximise the capability and capacity of your human capital.

Effective recognition systems need not be expensive. Research tells us that simply noticing a job well done and saying thank you can go a long way.

We can help you to review, benchmark and develop a recognition system to aid satisfaction and employee value for your business across the following:

  • Pay structures including performance related pay
  • Grading systems
  • Benefits
  • Non – financial recognition
  • Job evaluation

On Boarding and Induction Programmes

Making sure employees are effectively oriented into the organisations culture and ways of working is essential to enabling them to ‘hit the ground running”.

We design comprehensive induction programmes to help people understand your organisational context, strategy and operational environment, as well as their job requirements.