Employee Engagement & Customer Surveys

Employee and Customer Surveys - Understanding the Promoters, Passives and Detractors.

A successful organisation is one where people look forward to coming to work and are proud of the company they work for and where customers are satisfied and consistently return. Finding out what your employees and customers think of working and doing business with you is vital.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Disengaged employees cost the UK £44billion annually in lost productivity (Employee Benefits Summit 2010) and stop your business from performing at its best.

The research is clear. Employee engagement has a direct correlation to customer satisfaction and business success and positively impacts your bottom line. Therefore, based on extensive research, we have developed a cost effective survey tool to measure and track employee engagement.

Undertaking a regular Employee Engagement Survey can enable you to proactively understand any issues and enable Action Planning to ensure the on-going engagement, motivation, commitment and retention of the team.

Our survey approach draws upon utilising the principles of Employee Engagement Index, the Performance Excellence Index and your overall Employee Performance & Engagement Measures broken down by: Promoters, Passives and Detractors.

Our Survey has 37 questions across 8 key areas:

  • Culture and Values
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Communication and Involvement
  • Direction and Performance
  • Work Processors
  • Opportunities for Leadership Development
  • Teamwork and Relationships
  • Overall Satisfaction.


Customer Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys

Knowing how your customers feel about doing business with you is critical to continuing long term sustainable success. We can undertake customer surveys to help you explore this in order to enable you to identify areas of good practice and implement continuous improvements that will enable you to achieve or sustain high levels of satisfaction.

Customer Engagement & Satisfaction Surveys can provide your business with valuable insights into new product or service development and help the company learn where in stands in relation to competitors. Gaining feedback like this demonstrates a commitment to customers and their opinions, enhancing their loyalty and your long-term profits.

Our survey approach help you find out who the Promoters, Passives and Detractors are for your business.

Strategic Customer Service Programmes

We can also undertake short 'Pulse' surveys on a more frequent basis to enable you to tract engagement levels across the year.


Strategic Customer Service Programmes

We can also offer workshops to help you develop strategic approaches to Service Excellence, as well as helping you to work towards gaining external validation of your practices through the EFQM: Gold Star Service Excellence Award.

Options Include:

Stairway to Customer Heaven: Strategic Customer Service Programme leading to the EFQM: Gold Star Service Excellence Award

ILM Level 5: 8607-509 Managing Customer Relations

ILM Level 3: 8600-306 Understanding Customer Service Standards and Requirements