HR/ Employee Relations

Simplifying the complex- Straightforward, practical, expert advice, focused on YOUR business

We work as part of your team tailoring our services and customising our advice to meet individual client needs.

Our clients choose how they want to work with us and the variety of services they wish to choose from depending on preference, budget and service needs.

Our team have many years experience, proven success and a great reputation to safely and competently guide our clients through a wide range of complex issues ensuring compliance and promoting good practice across all people practices.

Our clients have the flexibility to choose how to work with us …

Step 1: Choice of Contract

Step 2: Service type

Step 3: Issue Types

Our team are highly regarded and experienced professionals who are friendly and responsive and take the time to get to know your business and what matters most so as our advice can be aligned accordingly. All HR consultants are CIPD and/or employment law qualified and collectively we have over 100 years experience dealing with complex and more operational matters across various business sizes, industries and sectors.

Advice you can Trust: Giving our clients confidence and knowledge to get HR and employment law matters right. We focus on what we do best by delivering consistent and compliant advice and support to reduce and manage risk in line with legislation and good practice, so as you can focus on what you do best.

Flexible contract options to enable you to decide what you need, when and how you need it

Working as part of your team: We act as part of your team, helping bring perspective and guidance to support you through every step of the process, as well as helping to remove some of the stress by taking care of all the time-consuming activities, such as preparing letters, reports and templates.

Empowering managers: We understand as a progressive organisation, you will want to empower managers, giving them the capability, confidence and ownership to take the necessary action when dealing with tricky issues. However, we also appreciate that situations may arise when you will want to outsource certain matters due to complexity or capacity.