Recruitment and Selection Processes

Inspiring Good Selection Decisions

Getting the right person in the right place at the right time is vital to business performance. We can help you develop the right processes and approaches at each step to maximise making good selection decisions.

Job Design and Profiling Job Descriptions

We have experience in helping clients to design and develop their organisational structure and define the associated Job Descriptions that set out the key responsibilities and deliverables so that everyone is clear on what is expected. We can also ensure these are appropriately evaluated and graded, so that people understand the scale and scope of their role. Getting this right can aid clarity, ensure effective performance management, limit duplication of effort, maximise flexibility and help to avoid disputes over who is responsible for what.


Job Evaluation and Grading

Job Evaluation is not a science but it can help organisations to rank jobs within a hierarchy using techniques that are structured and logical.

Our approach gives an independent evaluation of the appropriate pay and grading level of a job(in terms of its scale and scope) which can help ensure pay parity and help prevent disputes arising.

If you do not have a pay and grading system, our experienced team, can set this up for you.


Interviews and Assessment Centres

Our team have the expertise to design effective selection processes and assessment centres to help you attract and select the right person for the job.

Our consultants are Occupational Ability and Personality qualified test users (previously Level A & B) who can use a range of psychometric tools to test candidates against job requirements and prepare personality profiles that can provide a rich layer of data to inform the process.


Fair Employment Monitoring

The Fair Employment and Treatment Order (FETO) prohibits discrimination during the recruitment of new employees and against existing employees. It places a requirement for certain employers (those who have 11 or more full-time employees working more than sixteen hours per week) to monitor the composition of their workforce and to submit annual returns to the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, as well as completing Article 55 returns every three years.

We can provide support to manage the systems and undertake annual monitoring returns for your organisation.

Please refer to Equality Commission website for more information:


Induction and On-Boarding

Making sure employees are effectively oriented into the organisations culture and ways of working is essential in order to enable them to ‘hit the ground running”.

We can help you to design comprehensive induction programmes to orientate new team members and help them understand your organisational context, strategy, operational environment, as well as their job requirements.

Outplacement - Interview and Career Coaching

There are a varied number of reasons why an organisation and its employees need to manage their own performance and career. Whether this is due to redundancy or as a result of significant planned restructuring or change programmes, we can provide the support necessary. We focus on supporting the employee in order to help them consider their options and manage the future of their career in a positive way.

We provide support either to groups or individuals on a 1-1 basis.