Do’s and Don’ts Post Job Interview: Tips from Recruiters

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So, you made it through the interview! You may want to just sit down and relax and by all means – take time to decompress. But try to remember that you would be missing an opportunity to grow if you didn’t take some time to reflect on what was said and how it went.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for after your interview to help keep you on track:

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Ask for next steps and contact info

You may want to ask how long you can expect to wait before a decision is made. You can do this at the end of your interview. This can be helpful if you are considering multiple offers or if you will need to notify your current employer.

Assess your interview performance

Soon after interview reflect on how it went. Make some notes on how the interview went, any unexpected questions, anything you felt you could have answered better etc. This will help you prepare for any future interviews. Be kind to yourself, you put the effort in to prepare and did your best!

Write down anything you want to remember

This could be anything that might be helpful to you in the next stages of interview or if you are successful in getting the job such as any further questions you might have or any details you didn’t get the chance to share. If you feel it necessary, write down the names of the panel and things you might want to remember about them such as their job title.

Send a thank you note to the panel

If you need to send any supporting documents along this should be completed in a timely fashion so you don’t hold up the process of decision making.

Ask for feedback

If after a couple of weeks you have not heard back from the panel, follow up with them, ask politely for an update on your application. If unsuccessful ask for interview feedback to help you hone your interview skills.

Don’t flood the hiring manager’s inbox

Unless you have an urgent question try to avoid frequently checking in to try and find out the status of your application as this may reflect on you negatively. They will likely be inundated with messages and calls as it is so try to be respectful of their time and the process.

Don’t post anything about the interview on social media

It doesn’t matter if it’s negative or positive comments, you don’t know what kind of social media policy the company has, if any. This may show you in a poor light and negatively affect your chances.

Don’t ghost the hiring manager

On the reverse, make sure that you are contactable while you are awaiting the news. If after the interview you feel that the job or company is not a good fit, politely withdraw your application from the process to avoid the company making you an offer you are not interested in. Thank them for their time and consideration.

Don’t overthink it

Make your post interview assessment notes and reflect on what you could have improved on, but don’t spend a lot of time ruminating over what you said or did not say.

Don’t give up on your job search process

You can’t predict what the hiring managers will decide, and you don’t want to miss out on other great opportunities by putting your search on hold after an interview!

Below are some resources for further reading from various sources, you should keep doing your own research too!

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We have now taken you through our tips for interview preparation, during the interview and the do’s and don’ts post interview. We hope that this is a good starting point to help you get the job you want!