Grievance Process 'How To' Guide

Grievance ‘How To’ Guide


If you want help to customise the template/s, you may opt to purchase some consultancy time, so as you set the budget, and then one of our team will be in touch to assist.


This complementary ‘How To’ Guide provides summary guidance for dealing with Grievance processes.

This Guidance relates primarily to Northern Ireland legislation, but with reference made to the rest of the UK.

The guidance document is correct as of the date of publishing. The responsibility rests with the purchaser for ensuring they remain up-to-date with employment law as may be amended from time to time.

Need further assistance?

If you need access to additional resources, you may wish to purchase our Grievance Process Toolkit. It contains key resources required for managing workplace grievances and to help you remain compliant with Northern Ireland legislation. The resources in the toolkit can be readily adapted for use in the rest of the UK.

Alternatively, please contact us should you require advice or support.



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