Managing Probation Toolkit


If you want help to customise the template/s, you may opt to purchase some consultancy time, so as you set the budget, and then one of our team will be in touch to assist.


Why buy this toolkit?

The Managing Probation Toolkit contains key resources required for managing probationary review and to help your business remain compliant with Northern Ireland legislation. The resources in the toolkit can be readily adapted for use in the rest of the UK.

The toolkit contains the following resources:

  • Probation Review Checklist Template
  • Probationary Review Invite Letter Template
  • Agenda for Formal Probationary Review Meeting Template
  • Successful Probationary Letter Template
  • Probationary Outcome Letter Extension Template
  • Probationary Outcome Letter Termination Template

We have also included a Complementary Managing Probation ‘How To’ Guide as part of the toolkit to offer further information on Managing Probation procedures.

The toolkit is correct and up-to-date as of the date of publishing.  The responsibility rests with the purchaser for ensuring the resources are kept up-to-date and in line with employment law as may be amended from time to time.

Alternatively, should you require additional advice or support to customise the resource/s, please contact us or select the option to purchase consultancy time (so as you set the budget upfront) and then one of our team will be in touch to assist.

What are the Documents used for?

This template checklist enables you to track and manage probation. You can and should edit and customise it as appropriate to suit the particular needs and circumstances of the role and your business.

This template letter provides the main content required to invite an employee to a formal probationary review, if you are contemplating extending or ending/termination of employment. You can also adapt and use it to invite an employee to a probationary review meeting to determine if it has been successful, but the meeting need not be a formal one.

This template sets out the agenda for you to cover at the outset of the formal probationary review meeting.

This letter enables you to confirm that a probationary period has been successfully passed and should be issued after you have had the probationary review meeting.

This letter can be used and adapted to confirm that the probationary period has been extended.

This letter enables you to confirm that a probationary period has been ended and a decision taken to terminate the employment with the requisite notice and the right of appeal.

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