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Simplifying the complex - Straightforward, practical, expert advice, focused on YOUR business

We work as part of your team tailoring our services and customising our advice to meet individual client needs.

Our clients choose how they want to work with us and the variety of services they wish to choose from depending on preference, budget and service needs.

Our team have many years experience, proven success and a great reputation to safely and competently guide our clients through a wide range of complex issues ensuring compliance and promoting good practice across all people practices.

Our clients have the flexibility to choose how to work with us

Step 1: Choice of Contract

Flexible contract options to enable you to decide what you need, when and how you need it.

Retained HR Service:

Safe in the knowledge that for a fixed fee your assigned consultant is available at the end of the phone.

Pay as you go / Project Based:

Only pay for what you need, when you need it or buy bundles of time if you prefer.

Alternatively, you may opt to have the best of both.

Step 2: Service type

Employment Law Advice & Guidance
HR Audits​
Consultancy Support and Full Active Case Management
Document Checking and Review​
Templates, Resources and Toolkits​
Administration Support and Note Taking​
Date Driven Insights​
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Employment Law Advice & Guidance

HR Audits

Consultancy Support and Full Active Case Management

Document Checking and Review

Templates, Resources and Toolkits

Administration Support and Note Taking

Data Driven Insights

Step 3: Issue Types

Maternity, Paternity and Family Friendly​
Absence Management​
Capability and Performance Issues​
Disciplinary, Grievance Issues, Equality and Diversity​
GDPR Regulations​
Furlough, Redundancy, Restructuring, TUPE and Outplacement​
Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbooks​
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Maternity, Paternity and Family Friendly

Absence Management

Capability and Performance Issues

Disciplinary, Grievance Issues, Equality and Diversity

GDPR Regulations

Furlough, Redundancy, Restructuring, TUPE and Outplacement

Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbooks

Our team:

Our team are highly regarded and experienced professionals who are friendly and responsive and take the time to get to know your business and what matters most so as our advice can be aligned accordingly. All HR consultants are CIPD and/or employment law qualified and collectively we have over 100 years experience dealing with complex and more operational matters across various business sizes, industries and sectors.

Advice you can trust:

Giving our clients confidence and knowledge to get HR and employment law matters right. We focus on what we do best by delivering consistent and compliant advice and support to reduce and manage risk in line with legislation and good practice, so as you can focus on what you do best.

Empowering managers:

We understand as a progressive organisation, you will want to empower managers, giving them the capability, confidence and ownership to take the necessary action when dealing with tricky issues. However, we also appreciate that situations may arise when you will want to outsource certain matters due to complexity or capacity.

Working as part of your team:

We act as part of your team, helping bring perspective and guidance to support you through every step of the process, as well as helping to remove some of the stress by taking care of all the time-consuming activities, such as preparing letters, reports and templates.

We simplify the complex, so as you can focus on what you do best.

Redundancy Support

Having to contemplate making redundancies is a difficult decision for any business. However, sometimes this is inevitable and necessary to ensure the longer term survival of the business.

When managing redundancies, it is essential that your business remains legally compliant, as well as promoting good practice (so far as reasonably practicable) not only to manage your business reputation, but also to reduce risk of expensive litigation and maintain positive employee relations with those who remain. Furthermore, the time taken to prepare all of the relevant resources can be complex, time consuming and expensive.

We appreciate that many businesses and/or HR professionals may not have faced this challenge before or at least have not done so for a very long time.

You may be feeling unsure as to whether the approach you are planning is compliant or uncertain about what letters are required and when in the process and simply want to talk it over with us.

Step by Step Redundancy Process Guidance

At Allen People Solutions, we are here to provide reassurance and/or Step by Step Consultancy Support and Guidance to help you to navigate such complex areas of employment law.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can purchase our Redundancy Toolkit containing a step by step Redundancy Process Guidance and extensive Supplementary Resources. We are always available for additional support if and when you need it. We believe it is the most extensive toolkit available on the market!

We have developed a range of other Resources as may be required that you can purchase separately:

Employee Representative Training Pack (for collective redundancies)

Redundancy Process Overview Training Pack (to help ensure managers have a general understanding of what is required before commencing)

The Redundancy Process Guidance and Supplementary Toolkit Pack contains:

Step by Step Redundancy Process Guidance document which sets out the detailed processes guidance for managing individual and collective redundancies (explaining what you need to do and with which letter)

Supplementary Toolkit which contains an extensive range of customisable letters, documents, templates and other resources to enable you to readily match the documents required to the demands of the process to be followed at each and every stage.

Substantive (individual) process toolkit (containing all the letters and other resources you need for managing individual redundancies)

Collective toolkit (containing all the letters and other resources you need for managing collective redundancies)

Micro (shortened meeting process) toolkit for more limited circumstances

The cost of getting it wrong (if you do not apply a fair and reasonable procedure including the statutory dismissal procedure) can be significant (Figures correct as of April 2021):

Failure to Consult Penalty:

90 days wages

Maximum basic award for unfair dismissal and statutory redundancy payment:

£16,980 NI / £16,320 England

Maximum compensatory award for unfair dismissal

£89,669 NI / £89,493 England

This does not include any further compensation that may also be applicable related to discrimination on equality grounds.

With our expertise and know-how, we’ll help you be compliant, increase your efficiency and reduce the stress of implementing such processes.

We provide Step by Step Career guidance to help employees navigate career transitions.

Photograph of 3 people sitting on a bench

Outplacement Support

Offering outplacement support to employees whose role may be affected by redundancy, or who may be facing other significant career changes, can help support the employee from a career management perspective and maintain your brand as an employer of choice.

We provide a range of outplacement / career transitions support to employees either as part of a group workshop or on a 1-1 coaching basis.

This can including support in relation to wellbeing and getting into the right mindset for job search, guidance on effective job search techniques, help with CV and application form processes, as well as preparing for interviews.

We have also developed an extensive Career Transitions Toolkit for Trainers and HR professionals to use and adapt to deliver in-house outplacement / career transitions support.

Outplacement Toolkit

The Delegate Pack contains:

Delegate Outplacement Workshop Slide Pack

‘How to Guides’ – 5 How to Guides to support each step

  • How to Guide – Mindset and Wellbeing Support
  • How to Guide – Consider your future
  • How to Guide – Job Search
  • How to Guide – Cover letter, CV, Application Form
  • How to Guide – Preparing for Interview

The Facilitator Pack contains:

Trainer / Facilitator Guidance Workbook (with notes to support delivery)

Facilitator Outplacement Workshop Slide Pack – PowerPoint to enable editing / customisation

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Allen People Solutions are here to help your business.

Access to sound and trusted advice, consultancy, templates and resources.

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