Organisational Development

Bringing a fresh perspective through sound and systematic approaches

As Organisational Development specialists, we collaborate with you, taking the time to fully understand your strategic ambitions. Then we help enable, harmonise and align organisational elements through our extensive range of Organisational Design & Development services.

In an uncertain and fast changing environment, more so than ever, it is essential that organisations remain agile and responsive to ensure continued organisational success.

We provide expert consultancy across all areas of the business – structures, systems, policies and metrics, as well as the softer elements – culture, values, behaviours and relationship.

Our Approach

1. Organisation Design & Structure

2. Organisation Diagnostics & Insights

3. Intervention Design

4. Change Management

Our Capabilities and Toolkit

Job Profiling, Evaluation and Grading

Performance Management Systems Design

Competency/ Behavioural frameworks

Employee Engagement Surveys

Wellbeing Resilience and Emotional Intelligence Diagnostics

Skills Assessments

Accredited in the Administration, Interpretation and Feedback of...

AQRs Mental Toughness - Resilience + MTQ48 and MTQPlus (74 item) measure of Mental Toughness

Thomas Internationals Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (the TeiQue) which is registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Employee Surveys

Key Outcomes

Building capacity and capability​

Enabling higher levels of engagement​

Maximising consistency of employer brand to enable talent management, attraction and retention

Supporting a culture of continuous improvement​

Our survey approach will:

Enable you to gain insights as how engaged your employees are, the areas of satisfaction and any areas for improvement.

Give your employees a voice

Give feedback on where you are now

Enable you to establish your baseline measures

Enable prioritisation and action planning

Enable year on year comparison and trend analysis

Our survey approach has four main steps and is based on extensive research of the optimum factors that have been shown to positively affect organisational performance.

Survey Design

The survey is based on measuring both employee engagement and the characteristics of the “high-performing” organisation based on using two high level questions to capture overall employee satisfaction and loyalty.​​

Survey Design

Concept Testing & Deployment​

Data Analysis & Reporting​

Action Planning Guidance​

Our survey based on 37 key questions clustered across 8 key themes, can be adapted and tailored to your needs:

1. Culture and Values

2. Health and Wellbeing

3. Communication and Involvement

4. Direction and Performance

5. Work Processors

6. Opportunities for Growth

7. Leadership, Teamwork and Relationships

8. Overall Satisfaction

Alternatively, we can design a survey to match your specific needs

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