Leadership & Management Training

Inspiring Good Leadership and Management

Managers have a huge amount of influence and control with regards to how work is done, when it is done, how people feel and overall employee engagement.Effective leadership skills are the cornerstone of organisational success; helping to maximise engagement, capability and capacity at all levels.

Therefore, ensuring that they are skilled and confident to successfully manage their employees is essential. 

All our our programmes are tailored to meeting your specific business needs.

Accredited Management Courses, Leadership and Management Workshops & Coaching

Accredited ILM Training

This requires attendance at a number of modules and the completion of workplace assignments, leading to participants achieving a recognised qualification. 

ILM Level 5 Qualification Options

ILM Level 3 Qualification Options

Level 5: Example Modules

8607-501 Managing Improvement

8607-504 Leading Innovation and Change

8607-506 Managing Stress and Conflict in the Organisation

8607-509 Managing Customer Relations

8607-514 Managing Recruitment

8607-522 Becoming an Effective Leader

8607-510 Managing for Efficiency and Effectiveness

8607-511 Managing Projects in the Organisation


Level 3: Example Modules

8600-301 Understanding Innovation and Change in an Organisation

8600-306 Understanding Customer Service Standards and Requirements

8600-308 Understanding Leadership

8600-310 Understanding How to Motivate to Improve Performance

8600-323 Understanding Performance Management

8600-312 Understanding Conflict Management in the Workplace

8600-313 Understanding Stress Management in the Workplace

8600-314 Understanding Discipline in the Workplace

8600-341 Leading and Motivating a Team Effectively


Non-Accredited Training

Participants attend workshops to address specific aims and objectives. 

No assignment is required.

Executive and Senior Leadership 

Our programmes are designed to be bespoke or tailored to meet your particular needs. Our approach is practical, engaging and impactful. 

The duration of the programme and content is subject to further understanding your requirements.

Please get in touch, so as we can provide you with more specific information based on your requirements.


Coaching and Mentoring

1-1 coaching to support learning transfer either before, during or after programme workshops or as a standalone intervention for support with particular issues.

Our approach is flexible in terms of the number and duration of coaching sessions.

Depending on preference, we can also offer a range of personality psychometrics (including Emotional Intelligence) to act as a catalyst to enable self reflection before the coaching intervention commences.


First Line Management

Our programmes are designed to offer practical training and guidance to managers to enable them to affect change in their leadership practices. All our programmes are bespoke or tailored to meet your particular needs. 

A sample list of the training modules offered is outlined below for your reference:

  • Successfully Managing Disciplinary and Grievance Process
  • Dealing with Difficult Conversations
  • Effective Time Management
  • Basics of Project Management
  • Effective Performance Management
  • Harmonious Working Environment
  • Managing Across the Employee Life cycle
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Managing Absence and Maximising Attendance
  • Managing Change 
  • Effective Team Working and Conflict Management
  • Recruitment and Selection Good Practice
  • Influencing and Negotiation