How to use Push and Pull Influencing Styles for Effective Leadership

Push and Pull influencing styles

Based on Sheppard Moscow’s Situational Influence Model.  You may be familiar with push and pull influencing styles, but when is it right to use them and when is it best to just walk away?  The Situational Influence Model explores how to use either a push or a pull when trying to influence someone to adopt […]

Why Successful People Adopt a Growth Mindset and Embrace Failure

Text reads "Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset" With an image of a head with a flower growing out of it, and a head with a lock on it.

Based on psychologist Carol Dweck’s pioneering research on mindset. Your mindset influences everything; creative risk-taking, how you view feedback or whether you finish difficult tasks. Definitions Fixed mindset: In a fixed mindset, you believe that your basic qualities such as intelligence and talent, are simply fixed traits. You will also believe that talent alone creates […]

How Happy People Can Make Your Business Stronger

With talent shortages becoming a critical issue, businesses need to take action to determine how best they can retain their current talent to avoid further capacity issues.  It’s no secret that happier people are more productive, have better working relationships and stay longer with their companies. According to CIPD’s Health and Wellbeing at Work Report […]