Happy International Youth Day 2021!

Today International Youth Day is being celebrated all around the world…

This year’s theme is ‘Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human & Planetary Health’

This awareness day aims to highlight the importance meaningful participation of young people as active partners in a global society and emphasises that success of a global effort will not be achieved without them…

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi “The Future depends on what you do today”

As an employer do you actively engage with young people, inviting their views and opinions to help inform your business decisions?

Did you know that employers who actively engage with young people and truly understand their views, perspective and aspirations reap huge rewards? 

Not only do they invest all our futures by helping build stronger leaders for tomorrow; they realise positive employer branding and employee value proposition outcomes e.g. by becoming an employer of choice; they undertake more meaningful employee engagement activities – boosting employee motivation and performance; they gather invaluable insights into how our young people think and feel about important global issues helping them keep pace with emerging trends and therefore align and their business strategy. The potential of youth engagement really is endless!

Have you considered organising an event or activity to celebrate International Youth?

Events to celebrate International Youth Day 2021 will take place all around the world. 

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