Disciplinary Process Toolkit

This toolkit contains the main forms and templates you need for managing disciplinary processes.



Why buy this toolkit?

The Disciplinary Process Toolkit contains key resources to enable you to successfully manage informal and formal disciplinary processes.

This resource represents a compliant foundational template applicable to NI and GB and is for guidance only.

This toolkit contains the following resources:

A ‘How to Guide’ which provides an overview and further guidance on when to use each resource / template at the various process stages:

– Invite to Investigation Letter Template
– Witness Investigatory Invite Letter Template
– Precautionary Suspension Letter Template
– Agenda for Investigation or Witness Meeting Template
– Cover Letter and Meeting Note for Investigations or Witness Meetings Template
– Investigation Outcome with referral to Formal Disciplinary Letter Template
– Investigation Outcome no action or informal action Letter Template
– Disciplinary Investigation Report Template
– Deferment Letter for Investigation, Formal Disciplinary or Formal Appeal Template
– Deferment due to Sickness Absence Letter Template
– Invite to Formal Disciplinary Hearing Letter Template
– Agenda for Formal Disciplinary Hearing Template
– Cover Letter and Meeting Note for Formal Disciplinary Hearing Template
– Formal Disciplinary Outcome Letter Template
– Formal Disciplinary Hearing Outcome Report Template
– Formal Disciplinary Appeal Invite Letter Template
– Agenda for Formal Disciplinary Appeal Hearing Template
– Cover Letter and Meeting Note for Formal Disciplinary Appeal Hearing Template
– Formal Disciplinary Appeal Outcome Cover Letter Template
– Formal Disciplinary Appeal Hearing Report Template

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The toolkit is correct and up-to-date as of the date of publishing. 

The templates are for guidance only and are not intended to be exhaustive but rather represent compliant foundational documents covering the main content to be covered and when. 

The responsibility rests with the purchaser to ensure the resources are kept up-to-date after they are purchased and in line with employment law as may be amended from time to time.

All resources purchased are for the sole use of the purchasing organisation / buyer only. The resources remain at all times the intellectual property of Allen People Solutions Ltd and may not be copied and/or distributed to others outside of the purchaser without our prior express consent.


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